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10x10 Grid Paper Teacher Resource 3 Teacher Resource 4 Summative Assessment Answer Key 1. What is a repeating pattern? A repeating pattern is a set of shapes that are repeated over and over again.
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Welcome to math lab today you're on your journey to discover decimal multiplication you are provided with some 10 by 10 graph paper a lab observation sheet and some color pencils look carefully at your ten by ten graph paper the vertical lines are in green and the horizontal lines are in red eat small square right here I will mark the small square represents one out of 100 which is nothing but 0.01 to represent 0.1 or 1 by 10 on your graph sheet shade 10 squares vertically or 10 squares horizontally how will you represent 0.3 on your graph sheet yes you can shade 30 squares vertically or 30 squares horizontally remember 0.3 is nothing but 30 by hundred or 3 by 10 now suppose if we shade the entire graph paper what do we represent we represent one that is nothing but 100 out of 100 to multiply 0.8 into 0.9 follow these instructions first shade 80 squares vertically using a light color pencil next shade 90 squares horizontally using another color pencil can you identify the squares that are common to both 72 squares out of 100 are common to both and hence 0.8 into 0.9 is equal to 0.72 to multiply 2 into 0.2 follow these instructions take 2 10 by 10 graph papers as each of graph paper represents one shape the entire graph sheet vertically using a light color pencil to multiply by 0.2 you will shade 20 squares using another pencil horizontally so right here we have shaded 20 squares in each graph paper so what do we find the number of squares that are common to both so each graph paper has 20 out of 100 squares common is it not equal to 40 out of 100 which is nothing but 0.4 this gives the product of two into 0.2 to multiply 1.3 into 0.4 follow these instructions you can represent 1.3 by shading vertically a whole graph paper and 30 squares in another graph paper by using a light color pencil now 2 x 0.4 you will shade horizontally 40 squares in both the graph papers in another color pencil can you identify the product have fun discovering multiplication of decimals